What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

HCG has been involved in several controversies: on the manufacture of steroids and a diet pioneered by a doctor in early 1950s who related it to shedding the pounds. HCG is also recognized for its involvement and importance in fertility treatments and improvement of pubescent abnormalities. So what is HCG, and why does it seem to be valuable but not that familiar?

Basic Composition

The HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is essentially a hormone produced in our bodies. Our biology class teaches us that hormones are chemical molecules made by our endocrine glands or are produced in the testes for males and in the ovaries for females.

The levels or amounts of hormones present in our bodies, all the activities each of them does, and all interactions they have with each other significantly affect our health. As a gonadotropin, HCG is particularly involved with the human processes of sexual maturity and reproduction.

Origins and Functions

hcg diet dropsHCG is naturally produced in the placenta, an organ that connects the growing fetus to the uterine wall so the baby could take in nutrients, receive oxygen, and secrete or exude wastes. The placenta comes from the chorion villi, which are projections of the outer membrane encasing the embryo. For more information click here.

The HCG promotes progesterone release so the uterus can support the developing fetus and the pregnancy can continue. However, a number of studies are continuously endeavoring to know the other functions of HCG during pregnancy, such as facilitating endometrial receptivity.

HCG greatly increases in amount during the first trimester, during week eight to week ten from the last menstrual cycle. By the tenth week, HCG will begin to gradually decrease.

However, some tumors can also secrete HCG, albeit abnormally. To understand this fact, we need to understand the basic structure or composition of HCG.

Molecular Structure

Hormones have diverse types and forms and one of them is the protein macromolecule. Proteins are formed by combining amino acids. The human chorionic gonadotropin has a carbohydrate molecule attached to an alpha subunit of 92 amino acids and a beta subunit containing 145 amino acids.

Certain tumors or neoplasms abnormally manufacture the beta subunit of HCG. This is the reason why the presence and elevated amounts of HCG could mean a person has a tumor growth, which may be cancerous. But ultimately, to verify tumor or cancer growth, HCG test will need to be evaluated against other laboratory or clinical examinations.


Urine or blood samples are taken in measuring HCG.

Before we could discuss interpretations of “high,” “normal,” or “low” HCG levels, we must know that the established international unit for measuring HCG is milli-international units per milliliter (mIU/mL). Normally, males and non-pregnant females will have less than 5 whole HCG mIU/mL. Quantitative tests (tests that measure exact amounts) with 25 mIU/mL or more HCG are considered positive in pregnancy. But after other significant lab assessments, a woman with abundant HCG that is found to be not pregnant may be diagnosed with a molar pregnancy, where tissues in the uterus abnormally grow or multiply. On one hand, a low HCG value could signify an ectopic pregnancy—when a fertilized egg attaches to a fallopian tube instead of the uterus, a miscarriage—when a pregnancy has spontaneously been terminated, or chromosomal defect of the unborn baby.

But in general, with regard to HCG test results and their implications, we must remember that laboratories and hospitals may have different normal ranges, and values need to be further evaluated against other tests before any finding or diagnosis could be verified.

So now we understand HCG and realize that as with all other hormones, its actions and levels, even a tiny change and increase or decrease of it can impact our health. We’ll surely continue learning more about the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone from the researches currently delving into it.

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5 Ways To Engage SEO Without Cheating or Lying – Generating Interest To Your Site

Search engine optimization is not something that you can just define with an acronym. The acronym seo stands for more than just the way you leverage market share within search engines. You need to do more than just spew it out and talk about it to get a full picture of how it all works. There are many ways that you can engage this into action and see the results over time. Some of them involve taking shortcuts, cheating, or “gaming” the system. Many people do that, but it doesn’t pay off in the long term. If you want it to pay off in the long term, you’re going to need to hit with a hard impact, and that means focusing on a few ways to organically build optimization on your pages. The following 5 methods will help you with that.

Post With Frequency

The first thing that you need to do is simple, update your page. Pages that aren’t updated get dropped down a peg in the world of search results. You want to update your site or blog with a great deal of diverse content and focus on putting together elements that are beyond just one type of post. If you’re a literary review or site that focuses on long winded essays, then at least break them up with quotes, block text and more.

Honest Writing

SEO100% honest writing is the key to engaging the global internet audience. Unless you’re working within the world of comedy, your honest opinion or work that is 100% unique will help you more than just spewing out facts or contextual solutions that make no sense. Building the framework of content means that you either hire a writer or you do the writing in a very honest manner. Honest writing is more enough to engage the audiences online, and when your competition makes a misstep, you will gain their traffic too.

Building Community

The role of social networking is massive. If you are not working with the pages, you are missing out on something compelling. Build community with the world of search engines and focus on engaging people interested in what you’re doing. If you do not engage people within the pages of social media, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to build seo and attachment to your brand and pages. Do not miss out on this option.

Linking To Authority Pages

When you are posting content, make sure that you link to other sites. Link to well liked, well trafficked pages that are posting great content as well. If you read a good news article, a magazine feature or anything that you find interesting, then you need to link to them straightway. Do not miss out on this or you will end up losing market share as an island of a website. Websites that never link out are very faulty and look more like spam than anything worthwhile.

Answering Questions

The secret to gaining leverage with seo and something that professional firms will help you build upon is that of answering questions. People forget that the search engines deliver answers to questions. If you answer the questions that people have you will get a lot of traffic and that is something that is not going to change. If you focus on answering the questions and you are building content that optimized with keywords that people are looking for, it’s just a matter of time before you are #1. It’s that simple. There’s no need to game the system, no need to lie, cheat or steal your way to the top. Just work with elements that help you gain the trust of the general public, it’s that simple.

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